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A Guide to Effective Business SMS Promotions

Many small businesses are yet to take full advantage of short message service (SMS) as means to market their products. Yet, business sms marketing can be very effective if deployed well, considering that 98% of phone text messages are opened. The leads-to-sales conversion rate for this form of customer messaging is so good that you certainly want to give it a shot.

Below are guidelines for successful business messaging via SMS:

Follow SMS Marketing Rules

Text message spamming is prohibited, making it important you shun it all together. Nonetheless, it’s possible to entice your customers during online engagements to register for your sms marketing. For instance, you may request a customer to subscribe by ticking a checkbox or sending you an sms that includes a specified phrase. You’ll be getting more valuable leads from the subscriptions.

Keep Your Messaging Short

You’re better off limiting your messaging within 160 characters. If one message contains more than 160 characters, a mobile network normally splits it into smaller chunks. The messaging is then re-stitched prior to delivery to the target phone, yet, the process can be erroneous sometimes. There are networks that never split or mend text messaging. Likewise, there’s no guarantee a carrier will deliver an SMS longer than 160 characters.

The unwanted outcome for longer text massages is that the recipient may not receive them at all, or the delivered SMSs may be out of order. Certainly, your main objective is for your marketing SMSs to find your prospects in a form that retains the clarity of the essence of your communication. At any rate, SMS communication is inherently supposed to be short. Likewise,an SMS is no blog post, so make it short to ensure its recipient will read it to the end.

Perfect Timing

To make the most of your business sms marketing, you must get the timing right. The need for timing stems from the nature of text messaging, whereby a recipient can choose to open it upon delivery and not wait until lunch-time, weekend, or availability of wifi to do it. Such a characteristic of sms messaging opens up incredible opportunities to optimize marketing results.

For instance, you may receive an sms from a neighborhood pizza restaurant highlighting impressive offers when it’s almost meal time! Therefore, when potential buyers are more likely to require your services and offerings is the right timing for sending promotional messages. That could be at a specific time of the day, day of the week, or season of the year.

Business sms marketing can do you wonders if you get it right every time. Get the timing right, send these sms to just the subscribed prospects, and keep your messaging short and straight to the point.

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